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APRIL 19-22 2017 x Burlington, Vermont
Tickets Available Now - Limited Capacity + Special Price


PUSHING A BRAIN UPHILL III  is a volunteer-organized, not-for-profit festival organized out of shared need to make space for Burlington’s small but dedicated community of experimental musicians and to highlight the work of femme, queer and trans- identifying contemporary sound artists from Vermont and beyond. A limited number of weekend passes are available herefor $25 until 4/19. can also donate to our crowd-funding campaign!

​​​Wednesday, April 19 - The P.A.B.U. WORLD ENDER 
@ Burlington City Arts, 135 Church St.

WOLF EYES (Detroit, MI) 
Last World (Burlington, VT) 
Staples (Burlington, VT) 
+ Anna from Vermont criminal justice reform advocate groups 
7:30 pm - 11 pm 
Door: $12

Friday, April 21 - LIBERATION NITE / co-presented by Babe Paradise 
@ Speaking Volumes Warehouse, 377 Pine Street

Valerie Martino (Providence, RI)
Maria Chavez DJ Set (NYC)
Golden Poussett (Burlington, VT) 
Babe Paradise DJs 
8 pm - 12 am 
Door: $10

Saturday, April 22 - The PABU Summit Against World Peace 
@ Burlington City Arts, 135 Church St.

Maria Chavez (NY) 
Bromp Treb (Amherst, MA) 
Wren Kitz + Lydia Kern (Burlington, VT) 
Caring Babies (White River Junction, VT)
Sam Hadge + Jen Gelineau duo (Hadley, MA) 
OUZXQLZN (Burlington, VT) 
Jessie Owens / Kim Pregger (Burlington, VT)  
Mason (Burlington, VT) 
Snow Pot (Brattleboro, VT)  
Throat of the Loon (Burlington, VT) 
Harvey Bigman (Burlington, VT) 
State Vector Collapse (Burlington, VT)
Piss Pony (Burlington, VT) 

2pm - 10 pm 
Door: $10-20


available only until Wednesday, April 19!