pushing a brain uphill: serial 2017

the pushing a brain serial is a collaborative project generously supported by the Burlington City Arts Center featuring focused performances by local and experimental artists on the last saturday of the month, january-april 2017 . all performances at 8:00 PM. PaB now & forever cares deeply about highlighting femmes & non-dudes in experimental music, as well as all corners of Burlington's experimental community. 

serial I:
Andrea Pensado & Greg Davis
1/28, 8:00, $5-10 donation

Andrea Pensado (Salem, MA)
Andrea Pensado is an Argentinian ex-pat former-academic computer artist based in Eastern MA. 

"Ms. Pensado’s primary instrument is the computer, and her early work was created in academic settings in both Argentina and Poland. But since moving to the States, one senses the arc of her work is tending toward the Dionysian, and the sounds on Without Knowing Why are state-of-the-art noise inventions for laptop and voice. The electronics and soundscrapes share a certain tonal quality with some recent work in subliminal noise explorations by folks like Matt Kreftng, Jason Lescallet and Aaron Dilloway. But her attitude ultimately emerges as somehow more aggressive than those boys. And the mix of post-glottal vocalese and the distended muzzy textures of her music create a very unstable base."
--Byron Coley, 2015

Greg Davis (Burlington, VT)
Greg Davis has been putting out electro-acoustic experimental music since the late '90s and improvisational audio work of diverse genre even longer. He studied at DePaul University in Chicago and he currently curates SIGNALS, a series of solo experimental performances at Champlain College.

serial 2:
Bonnie Kane & Threes
2/25, 8:00, $5-10 donation

Bonnie Kane (MA)

Artist Statement:

I view my work as part of the next generation of the avant-garde - or at least, an evolutionary branch - formed from equal exposure to the avant-garde, hard core and the psychedelic: listening to Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, and Captain Beefheart, while simultaneously going to Butthole Surfers and Dead Kennedys shows; opening for White Zombie, The Boredoms, and Nik Turner, and playing the Improvised and Otherwise, What is Jazz, Brno and No Jazz Festivals. I can present my work to you as noise, free jazz, psych rock, free improv, jam band, bio-composition - along with a bunch of other labels as needed.

Pure this or that? No.

And that is why although all are invited, only some will readily and hungrily partake, absorbing this music as vital nutrients for their free thinking and well being. For I, and the music that I play, are the result of these hyper hybrid times - with the only pure thing being the need for like minds to connect, for spirits to reach out and share their expanded understanding of living.

Admittedly, this level of consciousness is in short supply, even endangered. But that makes the reward of connecting ever so much sweeter. For when the unreceptive weed themselves out, those left are truly ready to embrace the journey along the spaceways, where souls are nourished, inspiration renewed, and lives changed for the better. ;

This is why I play.

Threes (VT)

Threes is a Burlington free improv group comprised of JB Ledoux, Gahlord Dewald, and Greg Davis. You may have heard these individuals play in the Le Duo or are familiar with their solo work; this show is the exciting 'Threes' debut. 

serial 3:
3/25, 8:00, $5-10 donation

​information forthcoming ...