pushing a brain is a collaborative burlington based sound curatorial project birthed to highlight non-dudes in experimental music . grateful for seemingly never-ending generosity and support from BURLINGTON CITY ARTS CENTER , Meara McGuinness , Zach Williamson , DJ Hellerman , Ashley Jimenez , Doreen Kraft , Sara Katz , and Heather Ferrell.

PABU locates music and art spaces of experimentation as a powerful tool for self creation and actualization , political mobilization , healing , and generation of alternative ways of being with oneself and with others .  the burlington / greater VT & regional music scene is wild & we are grateful to be a part of it and foster its eccentric margins . to get involved , email us at burlington.gull@gmail.com or say hi at a show. 

pushing a brain fest I

pushing a brain fest II

pushing a brain serial

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